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PyTone Module - 0.1.0

A wrapper module for the PxTone library

Temia Eszteri

This is a module designed to allow Python users to utilize Daisuke Amaya's music library, PxTone. With it, Python can load and play both .ptcop and .pttune music files, allowing a greater range of musical diversity for your game.

Due to the 32-bit Windows-only release of PxTone's library, this module is also unfortunately with the same restrictions.



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PyTone Module 0.1.0 — 14 Jun, 2010

PyTone Module 0.2.0 — 13 Sep, 2012 account Comments

  • avgp 2012-09-15 19:49

    pxtone is not open source.
    this is garbage until it is.

    Temia Eszteri 2012-10-01 19:07

    I'm sorry I can't coddle your hard-on for FOSS. Complain to Pixel about it, not me.