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BananaRun - 0.5.1

A 2D arcade style game where you avoid certain falling objects and try to collect others.

Addison Hardy
Heres the story line. Your a monkey in a shopping kart (don't ask). Your object is to get to the banana factory, but the only way to do that is to collect bananas and coins. But, if you hit obstacles, such as stopsigns, your score will go down. As move through the levels, the speed of the falling objects increases, making the game much harder.


A few bug fixes, updated graphics, main menu screen, on screen text, updated game play styles, pause screen, lose game and overall score screen. Check it out for yourself!


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BananaRun 0.1.0 — 10 Nov, 2005

BananaRun 0.5.1 — 24 Nov, 2005 account Comments

  • Yazelflech 2011-04-30 14:18

    Game address doesn't work

  • Mahir 2017-10-11 19:22

    not workin