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Trivia Game Show - 1.1

A really fun (no really, it's AWESOME!) trivia game show I made.

Dylan J. Raub
A really fun (no really, it's AWESOME!) trivia game show I made. You can add your own questions, change the team names, add videos and pictures, and play a truly awesome fun game! The file is little large due to the songs and videos.(40Mb) I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR ANY OF THE MUSIC OR SOUNDS!


*fixed the crash cause by having an older version of pygame *improved framerate system *new fonts, better looking game board *timing is now perfectly accurate, so it'll match the music, no matter the framerate *added confetti :P IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL VERSION AND MERGE THE FOLDERS TOGETHER, OR IT WILL NOT WORK!


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Trivia Game Show 1.0 — 30 Apr, 2010

Trivia Game Show 1.2 — 27 Jun, 2010

Trivia Game Show 1.1 — 25 Jun, 2010 account Comments

  • Gabrielle Bautista 2018-04-22 00:28

    Hi, Dylan! I was trying to use the game but for some reason it just shows a blank screen and I cannot exit?

    Yaakov Schlachter 2018-05-31 18:50

    Same here!!! Also, no questions.txt file, nor no music folder!!
  • Yaakov Schlachter 2018-05-31 18:52

    Hi, Dylan. For some reason, there was no question.txt file or music folder. I created my own using the readme rules, but when I run it, it's just a blank, not closable, screen. Please help me!