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Glider - 0.2

Glider remake.

Japhy Riddle
I'm remaking Glider by John Calhoun. I'm going more the Glider 4.0 than the Glider Pro route. I've been coding in Python with the Pygame libraries and pretending I know how to program. My coding is horrible, but the end result is okay. I'm not in need of any help at the moment, even though I could use it. I'm gonna do it uncleanly, and use my time to create, rather than to learn. I'm more of an artist and musician, and I'm just doing this for fun. So far, things are going pretty nicely. You can download a very unfinished version from my website at Hope you enjoy it so far.



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Glider 0.2 — 4 Mar, 2010 account Comments