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Frog Game - 0.2

Fun survival/rescue game! The baby frogs are lost! Can you rescue them?

Daniel Bell


The objectives of Frog Game are to rescue the lost baby frogs and to get them home safe!

As a player you control the Big Frog and it is your job to collect the frogs one at a time and bring them back to the start. Avoiding the obstacles and hazards on the way is essential for maximum point scoring as when you die the frog you were rescuing dies also.

The scoring system takes into account how fast it took you to rescue the baby frog and your past deaths (if any).

A new level begins when there are no baby frogs left to save and you have at least 1 life still remaining.


Changes have went into making the game have a more original objective.

Players now have to help save the baby frogs that are lost and bring them back to safety

Screen resolution is now 600x800 in order to maximise the portability in Frog Game.

A lot of effort has been made to make the code and functions cleaner, more efficient and better documented.

More details can be found on the launchpad project page: Thanks.


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Frog Game 0.1 — 1 Feb, 2010

Frog Game 0.2 — 4 Mar, 2010 account Comments