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tgfcoder's Fun Field - 1.0

A very simple cute two-player puzzle game made in 5 hours.

Jordan Trudgett
NOTE: The graphics is NOT mine. The music is from (free music)

I will release the source-only version soon, however there is also a copy of the source with the Windows Binary archive.


PLAYER 1: Arrow Keys
Player 2: WSAD
R: Restart Level
Escape: Quit


Open all chests and meet up (both stand on the same square) to finish a level.


Fenceposts and chests cannot be walked through (solid walls)
Rocks can be pushed if there is nothing behind them

Small fenceposts will become a normal fencepost after walking over them once. (First appearance is in level B-1)


The game quits after finishing the last level.
Do make your own levels, in the Levels/ folder.
The first line is the level name, then the dimensions, then the map as ASCII.

  • 1 or 2: Player start position
  • #: Wall
  • $: Treasure chest
  • o: Rock
  • < > ^ , / v _ V: Side barriers (see existing level for usage)

The levels are played in lexicographical order, so Bob.txt would come before Level000.txt would come before Level999.txt.
This game was made from scratch in 5 hours, the graphics (bar a few) are NOT mine, and neither is the music. The sound was ripped from Ardentryst.
Free music featured in the game is "Footsteps" from



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