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Toonloop - 1.1.3

Toonloop is a live stop motion animation software.

Alexandre Quessy
Toonloop is a live stop motion animation software. The objective is to spread its use for teaching new medias to children and to give a professional tool for movie creators. In the left window, you can see what is seen by the live camera. In the right window, it is the result of the stop motion loop


* Able to add or delete frames anywhere in a clip. * Playback direction : forward, backward. * delete and add frames anywhere in a clip * Playback in YOYO mode. (back&forth) * Display a progress bar when saving a clip. * Shift-Q to quit, and not ESC anymore. * Added groups of options. One for each effect. * Unified interface to effects. * Added simplechroma, lumakey, leavecolor and brcosa effects. * Background image is one taken using a special key stroke.


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Toonloop 1.0.rc1 — 27 Oct, 2009

Toonloop 1.1.3 — 31 Dec, 2009 account Comments