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Tablet Pressure - 1.3

Capture Wacom tablet pressure in Pygame.

Eric Pavey

A class giving you access to tablet pressure data in Pygame.

It requires the "Python Computer Graphics Kit" (cgkit) and specifically its wintab module:

Only works on windows (frown), since its an implementation of the wintab api. See homepage (link below) for, simple pygame showing example usage (what the screenshot was made with), and other instructions.


Updated to version 1.3: Realized that I didnâ??t need to track mouse position and button-presses in the Tablet class: Pygame (obviously) does all this for you. Solves a lot of problems. Tablet object now only returns back pressure info, which is all we really want from it anyway. The example 'Pressure Test' app has been updated as well to reflect this as well. Simpler, but better! Windows only.


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Tablet Pressure 1.0 — 15 Oct, 2009

Tablet Pressure 1.3 — 4 Nov, 2009 account Comments