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PyTaTo - 0.1

A very simple framework for playing tabletop games with other people over a network.

The PYthon TAble TOp (or just PyTaTo), is a communication system aimed at creating network tabletop games (think Tic-Tac-Toe and old-school RPGs). Right now, there's very little stuff implemented, but I actually got it working (which is a miracle in of itself).

Right now, the game features a real-time whiteboard, a shared file system (not really files, but close enough), and it supports rolling dice in the chat window.

There are no 'rules' implemented in the system, but I may provide some additional widgets to assist in playing specific games (like chess pieces that can be moved around the white board or some such things).

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PyTaTo 0.1 — 1 Sep, 2009 account Comments