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Mow - 1

Mow the lawn! That's it!

Nick Ober
A small toy. I wouldn't really even call it a game. You play as the mower guy and it's your job to cut the grass.

Arrow keys - move the guy
F1 - take a screen shot(hold shift for a smaller screen shot)
F2 - reset the grass

Made mostly out of boredom and to see how to manage a pygame project.

Things I've found to do with it:
o Try to get to the highest level you can(each time you mow all the grass you go to the next level)
o Make patterns in the grass
o Use the screen shot feature to make a cool desktop background

Code is commented well and good if you want to start learning pygame by looking at code.



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Mow 1 — 14 Jul, 2009 account Comments