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In the End - .6

a simple 2d platformer built with python and pygame.

Andrew Karlovsky
This is the first project I have built with pygame. I give much thanks to pymike for his great tutorial on rectangle collision. That served as a sort of base for my project in the very beginning. If you wish to see screenshots of new levels, level Ideas or just whatever artwork is being created for Intheend Please head over to. I expect to overhaul all the artwork with the completion of the games initial levels.


In this release we see a new level, a freshly drawn character and the addition of knights as a form of moving enemy. Dinosaurs just don't fit in inside of a dungeon setting in any way shape or form. please report any problems you may have. I am still trying to fix that darn bug where you fall through the floor at the beginning of the level if you have an arrow key held down. I just hope it doesn't hamper the game too much at this point.


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In the End .55 — 11 Jul, 2009

In the End .6 — 13 Jul, 2009

In the End 0.5 — 10 Jul, 2009 account Comments

  • Branson Gustafson 2011-07-31 01:48

    I LIKE IT  maby make it so u can shoot?

    Taewon 2018-11-24 04:47

    How to download this project?