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pygame music grid beta .9 - 1.0

a music grid that can be used as a piano roll, drum machine exc

A collection of clickable rectangles. when finished it will load values from a file (with a default drum machine interface) including a script to be run when clicked. The goal is to write the graphics once and use it for all music programs afterwards. Can be used for drum machines, sequencers, piano rolls exc.


pygame music grid. A drum machine/piano roll grid that is ment to be program independent. The button isn't what I would have liked so any help is apreacted. (would be realy cool with a forked version of sound test). changes would have to be made to work with linux or mac but they are minor.


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pygame music grid beta .9 beta .9 — 6 Jul, 2009

pygame music grid beta .9 1.0 — 10 Jan, 2010 account Comments