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Pygame Package Builder - 0.3

A complete build environment for pygame-based Python projects.

Devin Watson
Pygame Package Builder's aim is to be a complete build automation environment for pygame-based projects. The system can be used from 2 programs: the GUI (built using wxPython) to create automation project files, and the command-line utility ( which can use the same project files. Both can perform builds.

The principal purpose of PPB is to take a lot of the guesswork out of writing custom build scripts for pygame projects and to give the optimal package for your platform.


Fixed some bugs that created crashes in particular instances of Python without certain optional modules installed. This would prevent a full build from working, either with the CLI version or the GUI. This version *should* be Python version-neutral now, and much smaller.


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Pygame Package Builder 0.2 — 5 Jul, 2009

Pygame Package Builder 0.3 — 7 Sep, 2009

Pygame Package Builder 0.4 Beta — 2 Nov, 2009 account Comments