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map loader for 'tiled' - 3.0.3

map loader for the tmx file format, generated by map editor 'Tiled'

Map loader for the files generated by Tiled, the map editor originally written in java. Today a implementation in C++ using QT is available.

'tiledtmxloader' loads the *.tmx files from Tiled. This library includes also a python renderer for orthogonal maps (isometric and hexagonal maps can be loaded, but there is not renderer implemented).

python 2.6+
pygame 1.9.1+

license for 'tiledtmxloader': New BSD license

license for demo map and tilesets in the examples: GPL2+
(thanks to The Mana World )


This is the final release of the 3.0.3 version. It includes the source, some examples, api documentation and some unittests. See README.txt for changelog.


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map loader for 'tiled' 3.0.3 — 14 Dec, 2011

map loader for 'tiled' 1.1 — 16 Jul, 2009

map loader for 'tiled' 1.0 — 9 Jun, 2009

map loader for 'tiled' 2.0 — 19 Jul, 2009

map loader for 'tiled' 2.1 — 23 Jul, 2009

map loader for 'tiled' 2.1.1 — 21 Nov, 2010

map loader for 'tiled' 2.2 — 16 Jan, 2011

map loader for 'tiled' 2.1.1 — 14 Jul, 2010

map loader for 'tiled' 2.1 — 22 Jun, 2010

map loader for 'tiled' — 1 Aug, 2016 account Comments

  • DavideAlexandroFiandra 2012-04-26 17:06

    Ho should I do to make the map "loop"?

    DR0IDDR0ID 2012-07-28 05:35

    You would have to do it yourself, there is no native support for looping a map. Not event the tmx format supports it.