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UlDunAd - 0.3 r60

Ultimate Dungeon Adventure (UlDunAd) - the extremely flexible, fun, text/graphical interfaced RPG.

UlDunAd is a completely original RPG made entirely in python. The project's goal is to create a game that can be picked up and the player can quickly become absorbed by it's simple yet addicting gameplay. It's great for wasting time or as an art project for the game is very easy to mod and can become a masterpiece with the right amount of time and artistic talent. Even in its early stages one can change much of the graphics, add enemies, and even add simple towns.


Running from source code is still required for we do not have any packages compiled yet for the game, but in its current state it only requires pygame and python 2.6 to run.

To do this you must run

svn checkout

Suggested applications to do this if you are not comfortable with command prompt or terminal are RapidSVN and TortoiseSVN.

If you did an svn checkout of uldunad before r67, it is highly recommended that you checkout a fresh copy.


UlDunAd has slowly been progressing (well actually work on it has sky-rocketed since version 0.2) to version 0.3!
  • Now instead of one-on-one turn-based battles you can have parties fighting enemies in classic point and click active battles following the style of Final Fantasy with some new twists! Battling is very fast paced and you need to have control of your mouse and be able to plan ahead.
  • A library system for each town you make, allowing you to read .txt files in game as if they were a book
  • Item system is completely functional now with the ability to heal characters and do damage to enemies!
  • Spell system is complete with the ability to have multiple spells and use them if you have enough MP
  • Menu system has received a major overhaul in layout and design, same goes for the battle system, all because of the new party system
  • New class system has been implemented in the effort to add more diversity in characters that can be created
  • Also major graphical overhauls all throughout the game have taken place! A new version, a new style
  • We have to new contributors! Scott Rogers and Matthew Hydock have submitted pieces of artwork for the game and thus get their names in the credits as important contributors.


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UlDunAd 0.1 — 31 May, 2009

UlDunAd 0.2 (r44) — 15 Jun, 2009

UlDunAd 0.3 r60 — 17 Sep, 2009

UlDunAd 0.31 r67 — 29 Dec, 2009

UlDunAd 0.5.0 (r73) — 21 Jun, 2010 account Comments