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rdpyg - noversion

A collection of code for games using python. Code for use with games made with pygame, and/or pyopengl.

Rene Dudfield
RanDom PYthon Game modules.


path code,
application objects,
sound managing,
particle systems,
cyclic lists,
3d object converters,
virtual timers,
pygame.Sprite display using opengl,
other random bits and pieces.

Project goals

* Good documentation.
  * Nice, html docs, doc strings, tutorials, and examples.
* Tests for everything.
* Consistent api.
* Data driven api.
* Simple api.

There is a separation of unstable, and stable parts. rdpyg is the stable part which includes only code wich is mostly finished, tested, and documented. urdpyg is code which is either untested, poorly documented, or unfinished.



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