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Ishara TCG - 0.4

A simple trading card game I originally made back in middle school.

In my many searches on the internet, I've never found ANY free-and-open-source Trading Card Game-like programs. So that, along with a nostalgia frenzy, inspired me to remake my old one.

The Ishara TCG is a very simple trading card game that I made back in middle school. There's a half-finished manual in the download, but it's probably simple enough that you could jump right in and play it.

Requires Python >=2.5 and Pygame >=1.8


Meh... just one more.

Lots of work on the mechanics have occured between 0.3 and 0.4. I've made a lobby system that allows players to meet up in lobbies of up to 10 people, and I've made the messaging system inside the lobbies much faster and less network intensive through some clever fixes. Unfortunately, the code is a horrendous mess at this point, and I have a lot of work to do cleaning it up. But for all intents and purposes, the skeleton of the game is done.

My brother contributed some new card artwork so the game looks just a bit better, and I really like it.

I still have to get the sound effects ingame, make some more cards, and balance out the ones I've already made. Maybe I'll work on these over the summer...


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Ishara TCG 0.4 — 6 May, 2009

Ishara TCG 0.2 — 26 Apr, 2009

Ishara TCG 0.1 — 21 Apr, 2009

Ishara TCG 0.3 — 30 Apr, 2009 account Comments

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