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Hello World - 0.3

A simple top-down maze puzzle game.

As the name implies, this is my first Pygame project. Made out of 100% concentrated boredom. When I made this game, I was more focused on learning the language than good style or how to distribute the program. The code is some really sloppy stuff, and the README isn't particularly helpful. I plan on using this program as my personal sandbox to learn new Pygame features, so if anyone sees any mistakes at this point, I'd appreciate advice/critique of any kind. It's an honor to be here! I really hope to learn a lot!


Version 0.3's here already! Normally I don't like to upload files so quickly, but I made a huge addition to the game. We can now load variable size maps (rather than everything being 10x10 tiles) and we've got a nice camera that follows the alien without being a pain. I also implemented Andy's idea and made it possible to destroy scientists (stick figures) by pushing them between a red block and the wall. Note that this update makes old map files obsolete. Very sorry about that. I hope you find the upgrades worth it!


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Hello World 0.1 — 30 Mar, 2009

Hello World 0.3 — 6 Apr, 2009

Hello World 0.2 — 5 Apr, 2009 account Comments

  • Tom_Arnall 2015-07-24 22:29:40

    can we get yr source? the link you give does not work. tx