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Lettuce Trance Dance 2009 - 1.0

This is my entry for pyday #5 ( I was listening to some trance. Then I found out that the subject of the competition was lettuce. Then I thought of Lettuce Trance Dance.

Allan Lavell
How to Play Make sure your speakers are on, pygame's mixer is working (it's not working on arch linux for me right now, I dunno why). This game is much more fun with the included music. python should run the game On the top left you'll see a random combo of three things: lettuce, bread, and tomato. You have to try to match them up as quickly as you can in the right order. The keys are as follows: - z: bread - x: lettuce - c: tomato - v: butter (if you're playing medium) So, if the order on the top was: lettuce, bread, tomato, you would hit x,z,c. As soon as you've hit three of them, the combo will disappear, and if your order was correct, your wins will be incremented. Otherwise your losses will be incremented. Now you have to try again with a new combo. Do this ad infinitum. It's fun... for a while. And it's tough. Try to do it quick! Game Modes Easy: Only three items to combine: bread, lettuce, tomato Medium: Adds an extra item: butter Hard: Adds a final piece of bread. Note that both pieces of bread use the same button, so if you had the combination bread lettuce bread you would hit z x z



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