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pqGUI - v0.0.2

An alpha pygame GUI module being created for a game I'm making.

Poiuy Qwert
An attempt to emulate the windows GUI with easy to use styling. Currently implemented:
  • Easy and flexibly style system (possible to style widgets individually, update styles all at once, and more)
  • Easy bind system
  • Windows (titlebar, icon, and decorator buttons)
  • Popup's (current name for menu dropdowns. gotta better name?) with:
    • PopupItem
    • PopupSeperator
    • SubPopupItem
  • Scrollbar (can be attached to Containers or used manually)
  • Container (holds other widgets, even out of view, and can scroll to show the whole view)
  • Text (basic text display with no/character/word wrapping)
  • RichText (very basic rich text display with no/character/word wrapping)
  • Box (with optional text title)
  • Check
  • Radio (currently doesn't look perfect, but its the best i could get with built in draw commands)
  • Button (icon or text)
  • Canvas (very basic, just draw to its surface)
  • Widget (basic widget class that everything else derives from)
Downsides: All widgets take static position and widths, and there is no "dirty updating", everything that is visible is drawn every time.


  • Changed styles to be more intuitive and more customizable
  • Changed internal handling quite a bit
  • More things are only drawn once they are needed and then cached
  • Added a basic RichText control to allow text with different fonts/font size, text colors/text bg colors, and the possibility to add "Objects" into the text (like icons)
  • Added a Check control
  • Added a Radio control (doesn't look perfect, but its the best i could get with built in draw commands. any ideas to make this nicer?)
  • Cleaned some code, fixed some bugs


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pqGUI v0.0.1 — 28 Jan, 2009

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