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PyKaraoke - 0.4

PyKaraoke is a karaoke player for Linux and Windows

Kelvin Lawson
PyKaraoke is a cross-platform karaoke player built using Pygame. It comes with an easy-to-use GUI for managing your song database, playlist, and quick-searching to find particular tracks. It also searches for and plays songs stored in ZIP files. It supports playback of the following karaoke song formats: CD+G (MP3+G, OGG+G), MIDI (.MID, .KAR) and MPEG. You can also use the player modules in your own media players or other projects that would benefit from karaoke playback.


This release adds scriptability to the MP3+G player module when used as a standalone player. It now offers various command-line options to control window size, position and update rate, providing a flexible standalone player and better integration with external playlist manager programs. There are also several small modifications and fixes in the MP3+G player, and the addition of mouse-pointer hiding in the player window.


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PyKaraoke 0.2.1 — 15 Jul, 2005

PyKaraoke 0.4 — 14 Nov, 2005

PyKaraoke 0.5 — 12 Jul, 2006

PyKaraoke 0.3 — 24 Jul, 2005

PyKaraoke 0.3.1 — 20 Oct, 2005

PyKaraoke 0.5.1 — 26 Nov, 2007

PyKaraoke 0.4.1 — 29 Dec, 2005

PyKaraoke 0.6 — 26 Jun, 2008

PyKaraoke 0.7.0 — 20 Aug, 2009

PyKaraoke 0.7.3 — 11 May, 2010 account Comments