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gsdl2_tol (Trolls Outta Luckland redux) - 0.5

reboot of the space shooter Trolls Outta Luckland as an exercise for gsdl2

This project is a reboot of Trolls Outta Luckland (TOL), Gumm's first full pygame.

TOL was my earliest attempt to do something really nice. As an early effort I put a lot of passion and polish into it, and I think it showed; but I also did a lot of clumsy things that showed in performance and in the code. A few years later, having learned many useful tricks and lessons, I had wanted to try a remake.

This is the remake. It is a pared down game lacking the "character" of the original, but keeping and improving upon the core gameplay. The primary reasons for this game are:

  • As stated, to apply lessons learned and see the results of acquired experience: "then vs. now".
  • Exercise gsdl2 in an interactive game to prove gsdl2's basic game-readiness.
  • Flesh out a skeleton that is a snap to integrate--front ends, main, intro, menu, credits, game, and quality utilities.

Well. It was a success. See gsdl2 web site for an installation guide of the SDL2 libraries.

gsdl2 relies heavily on pypy for good reason, but this game runs fine in Python 2.7, which is quite a testament to the effectiveness of SDL2's texture feature.


A few updates to this game:

  • Format score text with commas.
  • Increase max fps for intro. Motion is no longer choppy.
  • Improved command line arguments.
  • Replaced run_*.py launchers. pypy was freezing. Not sure why, but there have been no lockups since simplifying the launchers.
  • A new quick-start skeleton is derived from this game, for use with gsdl2.


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gsdl2_tol (Trolls Outta Luckland redux) 0.4 — 6 May, 2016

gsdl2_tol (Trolls Outta Luckland redux) 0.5 — 21 May, 2016 account Comments