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python: PULSAR

Third place in pyweek May 2012 ( group category. Our game based around the 'Mad Science' theme and our favorite mad scientist 'Nikola Tesla'. Enjoy.

Tesla Motors

Speaking about the recommendations for the company, it should be noted that the company must improve the safety and maintenance of Tesla software. The defects in these systems undermine the credibility of the company. Also, Tesla Motors needs to revise the plan of cars produced in such a way that it always has enough time to serve all the interested customers and manages to prepare the plans on time. To summarize, it should be noted that the development of Tesla created a furor in the automotive market, as well as in the market of energy and even space technology. It allowed the company to make it's brand popular, important and interesting for investors, partners, and customers. Even though the company’s financial statements show a net loss in recent years, there are many reasons to believe that Tesla Motors is quite promising, and it will become one of the most profitable companies in the nearest future. Such companies as Tesla have a noble purpose in their mission, which is not only based on the desire to earn. Elon Musk opens a new era in the world of technology and makes fantastic ideas a reality.