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Edibles - A Two Player Snake Game

A simple two player snake game with a one player mode. Players must eat as many apples as they can without touching the sides of the game window and without colliding with the opposing snake.


Project of Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Iran University of Science and Technology


A simple snake game written in python 3.2.


This is just another python snake game... but it's beautiful!

Simple Snake Game

This is a simple snake game I made as a side project.

Snakey Party!

A snakey clone that emphasizes multiple snakes!

S.S. Simple Snake

Extremely simple game to play whenever you are waiting for something or simply bored ( that's why i made it!)


Classical snake concept with relative non-perpendicular movement angle.

Wormy "Snake" Clone

A "snake" clone featured in "Making Games with Python & Pygame"

Wormy modifications difficulty new apples

Wormy a nibbles clone modified by Neonzz

Hungry Snake

a snake game


The classic game

Snake 1v1

Snake game for 2 players!

marks project snake

Snake game developed as part of a school project with my 12-year-old son

Snake Game Beta for windows

I don't know what a summary is

Python Snake

A really simple 'remake' of "snake"



Snake 1024

A snake game where you are a blue snake trying to eat all the green apples that just pop into existence and avoid the red bombs (as bombs are red squares).

Slither Snake!


Snake Classic & Normal

Popular Snake game in My Version.

Fat snake

Fun game where you eat food and dodge other snakes.

a snake game

its a snake who is trying to see if he could beat his highscore


A Snake game made with PyGame and beautiful images.

Snake Universe

This is a snake game, but a story mode is coming later.

je sais pas

un jeu de serpent

Snake / Caterpillar

Snake game finished. It has two skins, snake and caterpillar.

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