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Plague is a real-time top down â??rogue-likeâ? arena shooter pitting humans against the zombie horde, inspired by the games Syndicate, XCOM and Gauntlet.

Currently under development, Plague already features procedural level generation, cellular automata modeling for physical effects, a 2D physics engine, AI and line of sight vision for every â??sentientâ? game entity, multiple weapons and a whole heap more, all running in real-time.

OpenGL Library (glLib*)

A library to let the paranoid do cool stuff too...

Ray Tracer

Ray Tracer...


PyCave is a clone of the game SFCave, but with 3D graphics.


An unofficial Python/PyGame port of the SIGHT & LIGHT demo by ncase @ GitHub.

Sphere Ray Trace

Ray-tracing on Spheres...

Squish the Bugs

Squish all of the bugs. Couldn't be simpler, right?

Pygame Advanced Graphics Library

An all purpose graphics library for easily creating complicated effects quickly, and with a minimum of code.