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Hit 'em Blocks Now!

Arcade game where you need to hit the circles and get the highest score.


A hectic 2D top-view space shooter with randomly generated levels.

Beethoven and the Lost Symphony

And very short adventure game featuring Beethoven and his lost Symphony #10.

ProbalProof: A Probabilistic Game

A probabilistic game. Requires knowledge in probability or luck in guessing to solve or guess up the permutation generated in the game..

It was a software engineering project..(Game development)

My first game development where i choose Pygame to build this dream game upon,..Can't believe we make it,.sighs..

Developers: Renandro Valparaiso(Programmer), Matthew Carlo Magsino

Missile Master

A fun game where you defend your base from waves of oncoming attackers.

Pygame Toss

Toss of a Coin ! ....

Dark Gates

RPG game inspired by "Death Maze/ Labirynt Smierci"


Electronic slot-machine , motivated from slot-machines in casinos etc.

Island Generator

Uses the Perlin Noise algorithm to generate random islands.


Simple way to grab random colors using a filter string.

Random Dungeon Generator

Generates a random rogue-like dungeon that could be used as a dungeon generator for 2D games.


Project of Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Iran University of Science and Technology


Magical blueprints for procedural generation of content. Based roughly on a series of articles by Sean Howard. Overview here. .. _series of articles: .. _Overview here:

E.S.P. Hadouken

Guide the dot through each level without touching the black areas

Island Generator

A random Island generator that could be used to generate 'Island' shaped worlds for 2D games.


en: Recently started, just trying python, pygame and the enviroment. es: Recién comenzado, es solo para probar python, pygame y el entorno.

Schutll Noise

platformer about think a little bit out of the box

Random Maze Generator

It creates random mazes continuously.