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London's Burning!

A game about defending WW2 London from the blitz!
Download for Windows for free


Polywar is a 2D top-down arcade shooter game with polygons. It will be an online multiplayer game someday, but I need to get a few more things working properly before I do that.


Toonloop is a live stop motion animation software.


OpenMOO2 is planned to be an open source clone of Microprose game "Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares", one of the best 4X turn-based strategy games set in space


Gravitational simulator written in Python.

A* Algorithm

Two python programs using the A* algorithm.

Python Dotter

Python clone of dotter game for mobile devices


A particle effects library for Pygame



Farmyard Round 'em Up

Farmyard Round'em Up. Animals are escaping from your farm! Catch them before they leave using the mouse to control the farmers.

John's Quest

A metroid-vania esque platformer/shooter were you have to get all the keys and powerups to kill the last boss Conrols: A D or arrow keys - Move W or Up arrow key - Jump space - shoot

Python 3 Object Oriented Programming

Python 3 Object Oriented Programming is a new book from Packt Publishing which focuses on on high-level design as well as the gritty details of the Python syntax.

Britto Palan

Python Multimedia is practical guide, this book provides step-by-step instructions for developing multimedia applications, showcasing real world examples throughout. This book is for Python developers who want to dip their toes into working with images, animations, audio and video processing using Python.

One Square at a Time

Avoid the boxes on the map with one single button, space!

Django 1.2 E-Commerce

A new book from Packt Publishing aimed at Django developers who wish to build an e-commerce application.

Harness the power of Python 3 objects

Python 3 Object Oriented Programming is a new book from Packt Publishing which focuses on on high-level design as well as the gritty details of the Python syntax.

PuPU - Puffi's Pygame Utility

PuPU is a (very) small "framework" for programming games using the Python language. It uses Pygame for most tasks and PyOpenGL for rendering. Its aimed mainly for new programmers who want to try out graphics/game programming.


A graphical experiment builder for the social sciences

Prodigy Calculator

A Simple Calculator With All The Standard Functions And An Easy GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Wizards Magic

Cross-platform card strategy Wizards Magic.

Prodigy Notepad

A GUI Text Editor Written Using PyGTK.

Birdie Words

An addictive word game - can you beat par?

Prodigy Pong

a simple pong game

Hungry Snake

Snake Game named as "Hungry Snake"

Medieval X

A simple game with the objective being to eliminate every enemy on the map.


RPG Project in its alpha stages. NEED HELP!

Golem Python Framework

Golem is Python game framework. It offers a way to render by PyGame.


Just a very simple (and useless) python script. You "could" call it artistic as it's basically a keyboard-controlled interactive animation. May help some people to understand pygame animation. Requires the pygame library. Controls: a,q,s,w,d,e,f,r,g,t, arrows.


This software tends to sense motion and warn the given person via email. A captured picture from the scene is also attached to email.

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