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Whirling Blades

Whirling Blades is a fast paced isometric combat game that uses 2 buttons… Left and right click.


Shoot up some NPC enemies!

Px Editor

a pixel art tool


shoot cores, jump around, and avoid projectiles (made for Alakajam #8)

Super Potato Bruh

a Super Meat Boy-like platformer with Bullet Hell elements

The Crushed Sky

A skill based platformer made for Ludum Dare 40.

Spike Dungeon

A roguelite falling game for the 4th Alakajam...

Drawn Down Abyss

a roguelite platformer card game with a focus on action

House of Cold

House of Cold is a retro-style platform game made in pygame and python 3 in which the player tries to find the pile of gold. It is complete with enemies and animation.

Bullet Farmer

Farm bullets and shoot slimes!

Slither Snake!


Lollipop Ninja

You are a ninja who hates being looked at. Make sure nobody can stare at you while you try to get the lollipop!

Guardian of The Tree

You are a spirit who takes care of a tree that feeds humans.

Spellcaster's Forest

fight stuff in a forest with spells

QuickDraw TCG - Ludum Dare 41

Survive various hazards such as meteorites, bullets, spikes, and tumbleweeds in the Bullet Hell-Card Game QuickDraw TCG.


Famous Gameboy Advanced Pyoro mini game from Wario Ware Inc. recreated with Python and Pygame.


Explore the underground world as a mushroom!

Attack of the Goo

A tower defense game where you defend yourself against enemy slimeys.

Wandering Soul

a bullet hell platformer


You are a froggg.

Hue Flowing

go on an adventure in a forest you painted into existence


Don't get crushed by the collapsing cave!

Shifting Edge

destroy bushes and jump around (LD47)