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Lifegame 2d

Lifegame 2d is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life written in Python with the help of Pyglet/OpenGL.

Cellular Automata

Basic demo of John Conway's Game of Life


My humble attempt at creating emergent behavior


A PyGame clone of Conways game of life


A Conway Game of Life implementation that I've tried to turn into a strategy game.

Life as a Bit

A full-featured cellular automata simulator. The focus is on "Conway's Game of Life." With the 'Rule Panel' you can also explore other rule combinations.

make it alive

a simple implementation of the conway game of life

the game starts in a paused state
hold the left mouse button down+space, draw and press "p"

GLSL Conway's Game of Life

Summary: Conway's Game of Life implemented in a simple GLSL-powered application. It's very very fast.

Game of Turmites

Conway's game of Life and Turmites Combined!


Uma alma perdida vaga no subsolo...