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Planet Umi

The goal is to grow, develop and direct the evolution of a alien planet full of extraterrestrial beings.


Blasterama is a simple shootemup game that evolved out of testing Pygame sprites and trying OO techniques. Gameplay is simple - "z" key to fire "left and right" to steer the ship. Simple scoring mechanism, you can't die, just try to do the best you can. Watch out for when the aliens re-spawn after you have killed them all !

Colored Squares

An extremely simple game for little kids.

Multiplication Station

Multiplication Station will teach your child to add, subtract and multiply, guaranteed! The No-Frill Drill. Negative numbers and two configurable grid axes. It's all you need. Please visit for more.


To build an interactive game for 2–6 years old kids to learn English vocabulary and have fun.

Tux Math Scrabble

TuxMathScrabble challenges young people to construct compound equations and consider multiple abstract possibilities.


A suite of educational activities for 3 - 10 years old kids build with Python & Pygame.

Gaston the Castaway Gator

press space to begin. use arrow keys to move around. press a to punch

"Alphabet Zoo" A typing game in Python

My Game will start after user click the Play Button. Random letters fall down from the top of the screen after a time interval and the letter will vanish while you strike the corresponding key on the keyboard. The falling and generating speeds of letters will accelerate as the game progresses. Game is over when more than 10 letters have reached the bottom. There is a scoring system set for this game. You'll get 50 points if you strike the correct letter and miss 50 points if you strike the wrong one. Besides, different sound effects are avail