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An example of dots orbiting around stuff.


EatEmUp is a cool Artificial Intelligence simulation, which shows a "bully in the playground" type situation.

Analog-digital Clock

An example a working Analog and digital Clock


This is a basic flocking implementation, demonstrating the organization and collection of many bodies in a cohesive group. The boids all follow the mouse, and are bounded to stay inside the screen.

pygame,draw 1.0.0

Most new users to any system need some comprehensive working examples of certain functions. At least I know I did. Here is my contribution to the pygame gene pool with some pygame.draw examples.


A flexible graphical menu in pygame/python for text and/or images


Gravitron is a space based game where you must defeat your enemies solely by deflecting their bullets back to them.

AR example

AR example is a simple augmented reality example written in python using pygame library.

"Bit.Trip Beat" Example

This was a game I had made and ported to Java for my programming class. It was a python version of the Gaijin game called "Bit.Trip Beat".

Mek's Sample Code

A collection of some simple pygame examples I wrote to illustrate basic concepts.