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Circle Collision test

A test I had made by accident

Pygame Advanced Graphics Library

An all purpose graphics library for easily creating complicated effects quickly, and with a minimum of code.

Circle Collisions

A Circle to Circle collision detection algorithm.


Returns true if a point is inside a circle using distance.

Circle Refraction

Refraction in circles...


Time independent circle/line collision detection. Currently broken...

Circles of Influence

Distorting bubbles in pretty decent real-time...

Ball Fight

In this game you have to destroy as much enemy balls as possible by colliding with them, or using special powers.


An expression parser done in java. The application can be started as a calculator to show how it works and test, but can also be used as a LIBRARIAN, jar to include in your own projects.


en: Recently started, just trying python, pygame and the enviroment. es: ReciƩn comenzado, es solo para probar python, pygame y el entorno.