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Pythentic Asteroids

An Asteroids clone with authentic features.

In 1998 I wrote my first Java program, 'Authentic Asteroids' which was a clone of the classic Atari Asteroids arcade game of 1979. This is a Python / Pygame port of my Java game. To run the game go to the src directory and type: python Keys: Z,X rotate, N,B thrust & fire, H hyperspace or Cursor keys rotate and thrust, Space fire Enter start P pause O frame advance whilst paused F toggle full screen moode Features: Intersecting line geometry used for collision detection. Authentic asteroids shapes Damped ship handling Small and large saucers Full screen Fading explosion debris Engine thrust jet Extra life at 10,000 Hyperspace My original Java clone of this game used simple bounding collision detection. I wanted to improve on that in this Python version. If a bounding box collision occurs between the ship and a rock extra checks are made using the code in the to determine if any of the line segments intersect. All the code is Open Source GPL This is my first game with Pygame. The code is pretty rough around the edges and is probably not very Pythonic. Any feedback welcome. Turn down the lights, turn up the volume and travel back to 1979!



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