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A rogue-like game.

Max Power
Tatzelwurm is a roguelike game with a norse mythology based background.

It features random caves, line-of-sight, an AI-System and other things

You need pycurses to play this game.
It is not a pygame application.

I made this game a while ago, feel free to do want you want with it (GPL).


i - Inventory
v - Cheat
, - Pick up
f - Fire
o - open
< - go up
> - go down

Note that this game is still in an alpha-stadium. Many things are not implemented yet. You will see all tiles you have seen before from the previous map when you enter a new map for example.

Maybe you want to take a look ...



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Tatzelwurm 0.3 — 27 Nov, 2008 account Comments

  • joemama 2020-02-06 20:29

    how do you play it