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PyGame Squirtle Port

Port of Super Effective's Squirtle SVG Library

This is a pygame/pyopengl port of Martin O'Leary's Squirtle SVG Library for Pyglet. This library lets you render SVG graphics with PyGame and PyOpenGL. Currently in heavy beta! I need testers to make sure it works with their versions of OpenGL.


Squirtle is originally released under the BSD by Martin O'Leary of, and retains said license. See Squirtle-LICENSE.txt and Squirtle-README.txt in the main folder.

Planned Features

If anyone wants to step up and add these, please let me know!
  • Font support
  • Normal image support (such as PNGs, BMPs, etc.)
  • Collisions module

Extra Dependencies



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  • Anthony Morris 2011-06-30 19:02

    Looks like it's dead again?