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Simple Breakout

A basic breakout clone

This is a a basic breakout clone. Made in about an hour.
up and down arrows for menu
mouse for paddle
return to select in menus
return to pause in game

Credit goes to pymike for creating ez menu, which I used in this project.

Note: (<=0.3)
This game's collision system is not perfect. I would have to do a ratio on the overlap of the collision objects(used in >=0.4). I just was lazy so I could get these changes out, so a gui in the game, better collision(>=0.4), and better graphics will come later.



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Simple Breakout 0.1 — 6 Sep, 2008

Simple Breakout 0.3 — 21 Sep, 2008

Simple Breakout 0.2 — 8 Sep, 2008

Simple Breakout 0.4 — 3 Nov, 2008 account Comments