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Wavy Navy

The old Apple ][/C64 game Wavy Navy

Ron Dippold

This is a Pygame redo of the old classic Apple ][ and C64 game Wavy Navy. I've attempted to make it play pretty much the same, but have badly redrawn all the sprites and hammered together actual sounds from various sources. It's skinnable and comes with four skins - Default, Vector, Monochrome, and Michel. This is a (hopefully) complete game.

The default difficulty level (1) is very easy after you get used to how things move. Please try difficulty 3 if you get bored.

At some point I'd like to really grab the C64 and Apple ][ game version sprites and sounds, but I don't have the time for that right now.

A full package for Windows is provided (py2exe), or you can download the source package for Windows, Mac, or *nix assuming you have Python and Pygame installed.



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Wavy Navy 2.00 — 25 Aug, 2008 account Comments