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A Snake game which aims to be as small in filesize as possible, while retaining fun and playability.

Jordan Trudgett
It's still just as playable! The input is tidy, not 
delayed, and fun to play with and best of all, there are NO
glitches (that I'm aware of.) To quit, just chuck in a 
KeyboardInterrupt or crash into yourself. It WILL NOT quit 
neatly in IDLE, unfortunately. It was a tradeoff for less 
bytes. Enjoy! For other snakers: use & lt; and & rt; for 
angular brackets (no spaces after &) Use this to make your 
code HTML friendly!

Apologies: pygame thought some of the angular brackets were

FIXED NOW. The code you see below can be copied and pasted into your favourite editor and run as a python file as-is.

Thanks for playing!



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AttoSnake 509 bytes — 30 Jul, 2008

AttoSnake 660 bytes — 29 Jul, 2008

AttoSnake 496 bytes -- Final? — 31 Jul, 2008 account Comments