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A remake of the classic paratrooper game

Bart Spaans

A loose remake of the classic Paratrooper game (found here) with enhanced graphics and gameplay.

Paratrooper is a game in which you control a cannon at the ground. Helicopters and eventually airplanes fly by and drop respectively paratroopers and bombs, which try to blow up your base. It's your job to stop them and to shoot everything that moves.


Left and Right arrows: change the cannon's angle.
Spacebar/up arrow: shoot, stop auto-shoot
a: enable auto shoot
q: back to menu



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Paratrooper 1.2.3 — 7 Jun, 2008

Paratrooper 1.0 — 18 Apr, 2008

Paratrooper 1.1.2 — 28 May, 2008

Paratrooper 1.2 — 30 May, 2008 account Comments