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TitanTV Favorites

An application for displaying upcoming favorite TV shows from

William Graber

This will connect to and list upcoming favorite shows in a simple graphical display. In order to use this, you will need to have an account with TitanTV, and set up your favorite shows, location, type of service, etc. Once you run it, and enter in your user information, it will show a list of favorites coming on within the next four hours. It will update automatically every 15 minutes, so it will always display current information.



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TitanTV Favorites v0.2.0.0 — 21 Jan, 2008

TitanTV Favorites v0.2.0.2 — 22 Jan, 2008

TitanTV Favorites v0.2.1.0 — 24 Jan, 2008

TitanTV Favorites v0.2.0.1 — 21 Jan, 2008 account Comments