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Elite Flatland 2.0

2-dimensional (top-down) remake of the classic BBC Micro game, Elite.

Darron Vanaria
I tried fixing what I believe were game-balance issues in the original game. I don't have the skills to make a 3D game, so I came up with this 2D solution to test out my game-balance ideas. For example, in the original game, it took too much time (and was too risky) to use a Fuel Scoop to gather fuel from a system's star. In Flatland, it doesn't take much time and poses relatively little risk, enough to make it a viable option (also, fuel is very expensive in Flatland). This game took me about a year to develop, working 3-4 hours a day, every day! Recommended to play: download the python source code and run it using "python". This is the most recent version of the game with several bug fixes and enhancements. The .exe file is an older version of the game, still playable, but not quite as good.



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Elite Flatland 2.0 2.0 — 11 Jun, 2023 account Comments