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Texture Mapping (Tutorial)

Texture Mapping does real-time affine texture mapping on convex flat surfaces in 3D space using Python, NumPy and CPU for calculations (each pixel calculated in this module) and pygame for display. There's a tutorial mode which shows the mapping sections on both the original still image and the 3D rotated surface. (Set self.tutorial_mode to True for tutorial mode.)

Kalle Saariaho
Affine texture mapping basically means linearly interpolating the pixels on the rotated surface to the original image, and picking a color for each pixel. This module does that for real-time 3D rotated objects of different shapes, using NumPy (CPU) for calculations. See home URL for a more thorough explanation of how that is achieved. The tutorial mode can be used to inspect how the still image is being mapped as triangular or trapezoid sections to the 3D rotated surface.



Home Page


Texture Mapping (Tutorial) 1.0 — 17 Oct, 2021 account Comments