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City of Rage

an arcade beat em up game

City of Rage is a tribute to "Streets Of Rage", and all beat them up arcade games from the golden age of video games history (90's). this sound like the OpenBOR engine, doesn't it ? for those who doesn't know it: OpenBOR is a game engine for making beat them up games. I got the inspiration to do this game when I was reading Ultimate Mortal Kombat's leaked source code. in the development I've used the MAME emulator to study the original game (Streets Of Rage 2), you can pause and advance frame by frame in any game you play, it's really a great and helpful feature that I really appreciate. completing all the characters require a lot of time and effort so I will just leave it like that for now and maybe someday when I have the time and desire I will add more characters. how to play: use the arrows keys to move and the following keys: H : to attack J : to jump K : for special attack P : pause the game



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City of Rage 1.0 — 27 Aug, 2021 account Comments