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Beat n' Boom

A hyper-casual, music based (addictive :P) game made with python and pygame!

Aditya Nandan
You may have played different types of hyper-casual games, but this one is quite different ;) You may have found yourself depressed(especially if you are a programmer :P), or sad, trying to find things to take you away from those feelings, like music or games, Beat n' Boom is the right thing for you! It combines the Power of both of those things and can make you energetic as hell :P If you are keen enough, you will notice that the pickups and/or the obstacles come every beat of the current music so you can say that the game-play changes as soon as you change the Music! Awesome! The game was made in python with an EPIK library called pygame. NOTE: You can use the music under the folder [ assets/music/ {producer's name} ] :) Good Luck! and don't forget to share your highest score [no cheating btw ;) ] on our Discord server :- Special thanks to :- - Woaby ( Yt, DJSuperSaw ) - CrystalZone - IronScorpion For the music in this game :)


pygame 843 Beat 1 Dash 1 Hyper-Casual 1 Music 1


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Beat n' Boom 2.0 — 2 May, 2021

Beat n' Boom 1.0 — 30 Apr, 2021

Beat n' Boom 3.1 — 12 Jun, 2021

Beat n' Boom 3.0 — 3 Jun, 2021 account Comments