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Daemon Lord

Wizardry-clone RPG with rogue-like, text-only, auto-generated 2D maps.

Kyosuke Achiwa
Daemon Lord is a text-based Wizardry clone RPG. You create 6 or more characters in the Training Grounds, form a party at the tavern, go to the dungeon, fight with monsters, get e.p., gold and items, gain levels, etc. and then defeat the final boss. The dungeon consists of rogue-like, text-based 2D maps. You navigate your party with "h, j, k, l" keys as in rogue-like games. The maps are auto-generated every time you go to the dungeon. That is, next time you go to the dungeon, maps are different. Thank you for reading. I hope you will enjoy the game.



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Daemon Lord v0.1-alpha — 18 Apr, 2021 account Comments