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Fractal Landscapes Demo

Random Fractal Landscapes with a Zoomer. A reproduction of my 1992 Commodore Amiga demo routine.

Kalle Saariaho
These Fractal Landscapes are generated by a mid point replacement algorithm and made of 128 to 2,097,152 surfaces, depending on selected resolution. The demo is a reproduction of my 1992 Commodore Amiga demo routine in "Sound Vision" by Reflect, which won the first Assembly demo party demo competition. The fractal nature of the landscapes can be explored by using a mouse-controlled zoomer, which allows infinite zooming into the landscape. The grid generating part could be used as a basis for real-time moving landscapes as well. I have written a blog about the routine.



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Fractal Landscapes Demo 1.0 — 22 Nov, 2020 account Comments