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Pygame Networked Table Top

Application for playing tabletop games (cards, simple board games, other tabletop games) over the network. Flexible support of several game modes sitting on top of the core application. More of an exercise in GUI and networking than anything else.

Mike Lalumiere
Still very under development. The core of the application is a large "table" that "objects" can be placed on, a chat window, and probably a log of some sort. The objects can be moved around and manipulated in various ways that are mirrored on the table of the other people connected. It will probably be great for games that just involve token manipulation: simple card games, collectible card games and board games without exceptional rules. Want to play chess? Make a little chess mode patch with pictures and whatnot, send it to your friends and play. **Eventually more things will be posted and a home page will be made.



Home Page


Pygame Networked Table Top -1.0 — 10 Aug, 2007 account Comments