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Street Fighter Pygame

a 2D fighting game made with python and pygame.

SFPygame is a remake of SFIBM made with python and pygame. SFIBM is the first editable fighting game on PC that spawned a lot of street fighter hacks and other crossovers in the 90's, it has also inspired the M.U.G.E.N creators and other fighting game engines like Truefenix's SFR and UFGE engines. SFPygame load SFIBM's original resources, so SFPygame.EXE must be in in the same directory as SFIBM's . note: you can play SFIBM with DOSbox emulator. if you want to read more about SFIBM here is some good articles: the story of Street Fighter 2: somebody had discovered Street Fighter 2 source code ? : don't forget to visit maximoff's page, he made greats games with UFGE engine, he is also the creator of SFNinja and SFRanma: his youtube channel where he showcase his projects: here is a youtube channel full of fighting games videos, that will get you inspired: another good youtube channel that has a lot of japanese and doujin fighting games:



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Street Fighter Pygame 1.0 — 9 Jul, 2021 account Comments

  • kenny 2020-10-17 09:40

    I can't get it to work, where is the .exe file? do i need to create it?