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Your Move!

this is a little fantasy strategy game that you can play with your friends by sharing network. you can play with 2, 3 or 4 players.

Ali Amirafshar
At the first, you and your enemies have one castle and 10 golds. your goal in this game is destroy your enemies castle by your soldiers. you can raise your army by spending gold. and you can earn golds by occupy free lands at the center of the game board or occupy every tile in the game by your troops. beside, your troops can fight with other players and earn experience to improve their attack power and defense power. in each turn you have one move for each soldier and one move for your castle. your castle can improve its attack and defense power or raise new army, if it have enough gold. your troops can move, or attack or occupy each turn. after doing all your moves, you must click on NEXT TURN button to show your move to other players.(sorry for my wrong English typing!)



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