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ShareLAN: create your pictures from your webcamera or own pictures (create japanese purikura, love ad, friendship ad) and share it with the rest of the world in few clicks.

maxime phan
The ShareLAN allow you to create customized pictures alone or with people from all over the world thanks to your webcam or with your own picture. Love, friendship, Purikura, free your imagination with the ShareLAN!! The created pictures are directly available for the public in the software or on the website! push the retrieve button in the software to get all pictures made until now! We are waiting for your creations. ShareLAN is a part of GameLAN project (multiplayer game platform). Download GameLAN and you will can go on the ShareLAN Server and begin to share picture with the world! On the webpage, in the ShareLAN gallerie, you can access the pictures you created and send them to your friends as Ecard, people can also vote and comment your pictures! You can see here the pictures already made by users: You can associate an URL to your creation, in the software, in the "view ad" part an icon is showned for picture associate with URL, a left click on it allow to open it in browser. ctrl-c allow you to open a chatbox to chat with other people connected to sharelan ctrl-h show oyu the help screen. click on the username and then share button to make a picture with someone with 2 webcam! (maybe a nice girl)



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ShareLAN 1.0 — 3 May, 2007 account Comments